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Learn about native video analytics.

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Current Limitations of Native Video Analytics

As the product stands now, native video analytics are not available for personal LinkedIn pages or personal Facebook profiles due to the networks' limited API capabilities.

This means that native video analytics will reflect data from LinkedIn company pages, Facebook public pages, and Twitter.

For any questions on the product roadmap, please reach out to

Watch Time and Views

Watch Time

Watch Time shows how long the shared video post has been viewed.


Views indicate the number of views a shared native video post has.

Where to find Native Video Analytics on the Platform

Native video analytics are available for viewing in three areas on the platform:

  1. Analytics > Groups

  2. Analytics > Users

  3. Analytics > Posts

Group Analytics

Under group analytics, you can see native video analytics data organized via Groups.

User Analytics

Under user analytics, you can see native video analytics data organized per user/ per account.

Post Analytics

To view native video analytics per post, select Video Posts under Post Type

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