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Alert your users of new content by using the new post push notification feature!

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Why use New Post Push Notifications?

Enabling the push notification feature is a great way to let your users know that new content has been published on the platform and is ready to be shared out. Currently, the new post push notification is set to a weekly cadence.

How to Set Up New Post Push Notifications

In the admin view, go to Settings> Notifications :

This will take you to a page that looks like:

On this page, under "Team Notifications", you can toggle the push notifications on for your team.

To send out the weekly notifications, select a day of the week and a time for the push notification to go out. Please note that the delivery is based on the user's time zone. Click 'Save' after completing the setup. Please note that users are able to opt-out of these notifications on their personal settings page.

What it Looks Like on your Mobile Device

*Android Push Notifications are not yet implemented but are coming soon*

IOS Experience

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