*NEW* Edit Post Improvements

Improvements are coming to the Post Edit page to streamline the way we customize posts.

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Key Benefits

We’ve made editing posts after they’ve been published more robust, with alerts and notifications to users that have queued the post.

With these changes, admins can ensure that edited posts are distributed accurately, help users send the right message by notifying them when posts in their queue are edited, and update auto-queued posts automatically.

Source Tab Changes

Edits made to the content in the Source Tab previously did not automatically populate the same edits into the specific network tabs. This was designed to allow tailored messaging per network. However, this could lead to errors when typos or content is edited from the Source Tab.

A new warning message will now highlight when the Source Tab is edited, but the network tabs are not.

Additionally, there is now an option to push Source Tab edits to the networks tabs without having to copy and paste the edits.

Queued Posts

Previously, any changes made to posts that have already been published and placed in users' queues were prone to being shared without the edits being considered, putting the user at risk of sharing out outdated or incorrect information.

Now, a warning message will be provided when saving edits to notify any users that have the post placed in their queue. The admin can also opt to provide a reason for the edit.

Advocates will be notified by email when a queued post has been edited by the Admin, and users can choose to accept or reject the Admin-initiated edits.

Auto-queued posts are automatically updated with any latest edits made by an Admin.

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