How to Use Featured Posts

If there are any particular posts that you would like to ensure that users see when they first log into the platform, without worrying that it will get lost in the rest of the content your team adds, you can highlight these posts and feature them at the top of your users' content library. 




With featured posts, you no longer have to worry about the most important posts you have getting lost among the rest of the content you are creating for your users. Featured posts will always remain at the top of the content library. 


How do I make a post a Featured Post?

When creating or editing a post, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will notice a section called 'Feature Post'. To turn on the Feature for that post, simply click the 'Featured' button. 


Please note that you are limited to four featured posts. You can see the number of featured posts you have remaining next to the 'Featured' button. 

In addition to the post being featured at the top of employees' content libraries, users will not be able to dismiss these posts and so they will always appear first. 


Following is a short video explaining how to use featured posts:

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