Email Analytics Overview

The email update analytics provides you with insights into how users are interacting with the email updates you send and allows you to gauge their effectiveness.  


Recipients: Shows how many users received the email.




Opened: Shows the number of unique users who opened the email and the total number of times the email was opened




Clicked: Shows how many users clicked on a post in the email and the total number of clicks performed on posts in the email. These includes shares and link views. 




The graph illustrates the number of recipients, unique opens, and clicks, which allows it to function as a funnel, demonstrating what type of drop-off you have from one action to the next. 




In the table, you will find a list of all of the users who received the email, how many times each user has opened the email, and how many times each user has clicked in the email. You can sort by each column, from highest to lowest, or A-Z if sorting by user name. 



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