How to Suggest Content via the Mobile App on Android

If you have found a particular article, page, or site, that you think would make a great post, you can suggest it to your admins so that they can easily add it to the content library. Once your suggestion is approved, it will appear in the content library. Here you can find the instructions on how to suggest a post from the Android app. Click for instructions on how to suggest a post from the iOS App or the web app, and from the Browser extension.

Step 1. Open an article or image you would like to suggest and tap the 3-dot sharing icon.




2. Tap 'Share.'




3. Tap on PostBeyond.




4. Select a photo for the article and edit the content.



5. Tap 'Suggest.'




If you'd like to suggest a post, you can also do it directly from within the PostBeyond app. This makes suggesting images incredibly easy. 


To suggest posts directly from the app, tap on the 'Suggest' button. 

Next, tap on the camera icon.




You will then have the option of either suggesting a photo from your images or taking a picture.



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