How to Queue Posts

Your queue is a set of predefined times when you would like content to go out. Queuing posts allows you to set a post to be shared at a pre-defined time whether you are on the platform or not. You can set up as many queuing slots as you want for each platform. When you queue a post to a particular social network, it will be scheduled to be shared in the next available slot. 


First, you need to set up your queue times in your settings:

Setting up your Queue:

1. Go to your settings, which can be found by clicking on your name or profile picture in the top-right corner of your screen. 


2. Scroll down to your queue settings or click 'Queue Settings' on the menu.


 3. Set up the times and days you would like to have posts in your queue be shared to each of your networks. 

You can have as many queue slots for each of your networks as you like. 

4. Click 'Save Settings'

Once your queue is all set up, you can simply add any posts that you would like to share into the queue. The posts will go to the next available spot in the queue that is available for each network. You can do this directly from your content library:


How to Queue

1. In the content library go the any post you would like to queue.

2. Click on 'Queue' in the bottom-right corner of the content card to open the queuing preferences.


3. Click 'Queue to Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn'


4. View/Edit Personalization Modal



Note that for Twitter and Facebook, the post must be personalized to comply with their sharing policy. Personalization ensures that posts are genuine and will allow you to come across as an authentic thought leader in your industry. In fact, personalized posts are 63% more likely to be engaged with. 

5. Select 'Queue'


You can see which social network a post is queued to by the clock icon next to that network's icon.


You can also see which posts you have queued and edit them from your Timeline.


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