How to Send an Invitation to New Users

If you would like to invite new users to use PostBeyond, you can do so directly from your Team page. 

Quick Overview:

  • Click 'Invite Users' on the Team Management page
  • Edit copy in the body of the email
  • Copy and paste user email addresses in the 'email list' box
  • Users self-register and are placed in the 'All' group


  • Easy for admins to click and send


  • Difficult for admins to track who was invited
  • Email comes from PostBeyond which can go to spam unless it is whitelisted
  • Users are not grouped upon registration


Step 1. Go to your 'Team' page and click 'Invite Users'.




Step 2. Edit the invitation text (optional) and enter the email addresses of the users you would like to invite.



If you would like to add the direct link for group invites you can add that into the body of the text here. Just make sure to make it clear that users should click on that link in order to be signed-up directly to their group.



Step 3. Click 'Send'




New users will then receive an email telling them about the platform and instructing them to click on the link to sign-up. Please note that this email will always come from





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