How to Add New Users to a Group Upon Sign-Up

Users can be automatically added to a Group if they sign-up through a special link sent to them by the program Administrator. This link is generated by Administrators and can be sent either from PostBeyond or from your own email account. Any users who sign-up with the provided link will be automatically added to the Group associated with the link. 

Quick Overview:

  • Create Groups in platform
  • Generate unique Group invite URLs
  • Email users by Group from outside of the platform with their respective group invite URL
  • Users self-register and they are in the correct groups


  • Easy for users to self-register.
  • Users grouped in Team Management page once registered.


  • Admin cannot track who has received the group invite link. 


Step 1. Go to your 'Team' page and click 'Group Invites'.




Here you will find a list of the groups that have already had sign-up URLs created for them. If the group you would like to invite users to is already on this list, please skip ahead to Step 5.


Step 2. Click 'Add'.




Step 3. Select the group that you would like to invite




Step 4. Click 'Add'.




Step 5. Copy the URL next to the group you would like to invite users to and add that to any email sent to those users.


Any users who sign-up using this link will be automatically added to the Group associated with this link. 

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