Timeline: Where To See My Queued And Scheduled Posts

Timeline is the place to see all of your previous and coming activity. You can view all of the posts you have queued and scheduled on your Timeline, as well as any posts you have already shared.  




If you would like to see your posts scheduled to a specific day, or see what posts you shared on a given day, you can click on the calendar.




Then select the day you would like to look at.




Editing Post Schedules

Timeline allows you to see what posts you have scheduled to be shared on any given day, as well as any edits you made to a post before queueing it. You can also edit a scheduled share time or cancel a scheduled post share from there.

In order to edit or cancel sharing a scheduled post, click on the time a post is scheduled for.


Then edit the scheduled queue time for each social network and click save or delete the scheduled post.





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