How to Suggest Content from Mobile Third Party Apps

Suggesting content on your mobile device can be done via a third party app - for example Chrome or Safari - or in the PostBeyond app for iOS or Android.

Suggesting posts via a third party app - iOS

The first time you would like to suggest content with an iOS device, you will have to go through steps 1 - 9. If you have done so before, skip ahead to step 6.

For iOS

Step 1. Open the article you would like to suggest

Step 2. Select the sharing icon




Step 3. Scroll right until you see the three dots




Step 4. Select the three dots

Step 5. Enable PostBeyond

Toggle right to enable sharing. After this, you will see that the button has turned green. once this is done, you will never have to do it again. 




Step 6. Select the PostBeyond icon. 




Step 7. Select photo




Step 8. Edit the text




Step 9. Select 'Suggest'



Once your content has been approved by your program administrator, you will find it in the content library.


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