How to Set Up Content Feeds in Your Inbox

To easily find and create content for the content library, we suggest setting up content feeds. You can pull content in from a Facebook page, Twitter account, Twitter hashtag, Instagram account and hashtag, RSS feed or a YouTube channel. You cannot set up a content feed from a LinkedIn page. 

Step 1. Link your networks (for Twitter and Facebook)

If you wish to set up a content feed from Twitter or Facebook, your network needs to be connected. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to link your networks. 

Step 2. Select "Inbox"


Step 2. Select "+Add"

Step 3. Fill in the form

If you cannot find your Facebook page when connecting to a Facebook feed, make sure that you have connected your networks correctly. 


Step 4. Select "Add New Subscription"

Now you will be able to see the content feed you added in the list of inbox feeds. You can also organize the feeds in folders and by clicking on the gear icon, you can arrange the content feeds. After this you are ready to create a post using an inbox feed. 


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