How to Create an Email Update

Email updates are a good way to inform your team about the latest news, top performing content on PostBeyond, and top performing users on PostBeyond. 

Step 1. Navigate to the 'Email Updates' Section of your Platform



Step 2. Click 'Create'



Step 3. Select groups that you want to send the email update to




Step 4. Write the email update



Step 5. Add at least one article to your update



Make sure that the posts you are sending are available to the groups you are sending the email to. Users who cannot see the selected posts will not receive the email update.


Step 7. Preview email update



To have an overview of what the email update is going to look like when you send it out, click to preview the email update. 


Step 8. Send email update



To view how many users have received, opened, and clicked on the links in the email update, you can view the email analytics.



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