Modifying the PBI Score and the Leaderboard Score Calculation

The leaderboard score and the PBI score are calculated in the same way. The PBI score is shown for a certain time period, but the leaderboard score is reset every time the leaderboard is reset.

These scores can be seen under user analytics and the users can see the leaderboard score on their dashboard if the leaderboard is turned on for them. 

Step 1. Click on 'Settings'. 


Step 2. Click on 'Leaderboard'.


Step 3. Modify the values of each impression and interaction.

If you would like to encourage people to grow their social network, give points for their impressions. If you would like to encourage people to get clickthroughs or share a lot of content, raise the values of these factors respectively. 


Step 4. Click 'Save'. 

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