How to Import Multiple Users at Once (Bulk Uploading)

Bulk uploading users is one of the most efficient ways of getting large numbers of users registered on your platform. This is done through a spreadsheet that is then uploaded to the platform.

Quick Overview:

  • Admin completes the user team upload excel document with all required information.
  • The CSV is uploaded to the platform and all user names appear in Team Management page by group
  • Admin then emails users with the platform URL/ mobile app download instructions and the login instructions.


  • Admin can easily keep track of team list as it is uploaded
  • Groups are easily assigned, including multiple groups


  • Team Management list is filled with users who haven‚Äôt necessarily been invited or signed in yet
  • Can be difficult to communicate login information to all of the uploaded users and they often forget the preset password


Step 1. Select 'Team'



Step 2. Select 'Import' 




Step 3. Download the sample CSV file




Step 4. Fill in the sample CSV file

Make sure you fill in the fields in the same way as it is done in the sample .csv file. Double check that you don't have spaces at the end of the words.

Email: the email the user is going to use to log in the platform

Password: the password the user is going to use to log in. You can give all users the same password first. They will be able to change this once they log in for the first time.



Time Zone: you can see the list of all possible time zones under In the 'Add Individual User' section of your team settings:



Groups: you can see all groups from under your team settings. If you would like to add users to a group that doesn't yet exist, create a new group before uploading the CSV file. 




Role: for all users, choose one of the following roles: 'Administrator', 'Content Creator' or 'User.'

Save the file to your computer, and record the file name. 


Step 5. Select "Select File"



Choose the CSV file you filled in.


Step 6. Select "Import"

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