How to Create Suggested Content

Suggested posts from users is a great source of content that can keep your users engaged & save you the time of having to find & create content. There are two places where you can create suggested content from. You can do so from the 'Suggested Posts' feed in your Inbox or you can create them from the 'Suggested' section of the 'Posts' section of the platform.


Creating suggested posts in your Inbox

Step 1. Navigate to your Inbox




Step 2. Click on the 'Suggested from Users' feed




Step 3. Select the post you would like to add to the content library




Step 4. Fill out the post creation form




Step 5. Click 'Create Posts'


Your post will then be added to the content library.



Creating suggested posts in your 'Posts' list

Step 1. Navigate to the 'Posts' section of the platform


Step 2. Select 'Suggested'


Step 3. Select 'Create Content' 


Step 4. Modify the Post


Read more about How to Create a New Post Manually for further details. 

Step 5. Select 'Save'

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