What is Reader?

Reader allows you to gain more insight into your employees and their content viewing habits. This feature lets you dive deeper into your posts' internal analytics and shows you how users are consuming the published content. 


What insight can I gain through Reader?

Reader gives you detailed analytics on user reading habits. It allows you to track not only which posts are the most popular for external sharing, but also which are the most viewed internally. You can track how many users have read a post and on what devices, how long it took them on average, how they viewed it, and how many repeat reads the post had. 



Where can I find information about a specific post's Reader analytics?

You can find the Reader analytics in the Analytics section of your menu. 



To view the specific user data for each post select 'View Readers.' 



Here you can see how many times each user viewed the post, how long they spent there, and what percentage of the post they have read. 



What is the experience for users? 

Users will see these posts in the same place they see all other posts. The only difference is that instead of the link at the bottom left of the post, they will now see a symbol of a lightning bolt inside a circle beside the article length (in minutes). 




When users select 'Read' they are taken to a copy of the original article where they can track how much of the post they have read, change the background color and font style, and also visit the original link. 


As users read through the post, Reader tracks their progress and how long they spend on the page. It also tracks whether they are viewing it on the mobile app or a web browser and if this is their first visit or a repeat visit. 


How do I create a Reader post? 

Posts with Reader enabled are created in the same way that all other posts are created. 


When creating a new post, simply select 'Enable this post for reader' and your new post will have Reader enabled.  


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