How to Publish a Post with Reader Enabled

Reader allows you to track your users' consumption of the content you have in PostBeyond so that you can have a better understanding of what content is most useful to your employees. When creating a new post or importing a post, you will now see the new option of enabling reader for the given post. 


Post Title and Post Content

The 'Post Title' and 'Post Content' fields remain the same as they did before. That is where you will put the name of the post, as it will appear to users, and the contents of the post, including the URL of any external links you would like to have in the post. 

Once you add the URL for the external page, the contents of that page will automatically populate the 'Article Content' section and the title of the page will populate the 'Article Title' section.

Once the page contents has been populated, you can edit both the Article Title and Content as they will appear within the PostBeyond app. You can use the in-app formatting tools for specific formatting changes you would like to make.

After that, all other aspects of publishing the post remain the same.




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