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Reader allows you to see how well a given post is doing by tracking data on the user reading habits of each post. This will allow you to create more effective content that can be better used by your team. You can find information on how many views a post had, who has viewed it, how they consumed the post, how long it took them to read it, and how many times each person has viewed it. 

The following is a brief overview of the Reader analytics page and a breakdown of what each item means.

The Reader data analytics is stored in the analytics section of the platform: 



The analytics page for reader gives you information about each individual post. The page is divided by each post that has Reader enabled:



Desktop Content Views: Shows the number of times a post has been viewed through the desktop web app: 



Mobile Content Views: Shows the number of times a post has been viewed through the mobile apps:



Read Progress: Shows the average progress reading the post of all users who have viewed a given post: 



Average Time Spent: Shows the average amount of time (in minutes) that each user has spent on the post:




Repeat Reads: Shows the number of users who have viewed the post more than once:



View Readers: You can also see which users have read the post by selecting the 'View Readers' button:



Once selected, a list of readers will appear and show how many times each reader has viewed the post, how long they have spent reading it, and what percentage of the post they have read:



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