Reader: Internal Post Reading

Reader is the feature that allows you to view the contents of a post without leaving the PostBeyond platform. You can track how much of the post you have read, see the average reading time of the post, and customize the background color and font style. 


How do I recognize a Reader enabled post?

Instead of the web page the post came from, the snippet of posts with Reader enabled will have the average amount of time it takes users to read a post. 



Once you click on the snippet you will be taken to a copy of the original post within the platform. 


How do I customize Reader for me?

Once you are in Reader, simply select the 'Aa' icon at the top of your screen to customize the background, font style, and font size.



I still want to view the original link before I share it. How can I do that?

Of course you still might want to go to the original posted link before you share it on your own social networks. To do that simply select 'View Original' at the top of your page. That will open a new tab with the posted link. 



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