Contest Best Practices

Contests and competitions continue to be one of the best ways to keep your champions engaged and excited.


  • A fun way to recognize best practices.
  • Easy to run.
  • Great for establishing habits for champions to use the platform.


  • Might involve a bit of an investment in prizes or incentives (but can be scaled depending on the budget).

Best Practices for Competitions:

1. Make it easy to understand

When you launch the competition make sure that you clearly identify:

  • What the competition is
  • How to play
  • How users can win the competition
  • Where to ask for help
  • When it starts and how long it runs for
  • What you can win (or why get involved)


2. Have a clear, measurable goal

All competitions should have a clear measurable goal in mind. Both for you as a Program Manager, but also for your team.

For your program, here are some goals you might want to set:

  • Increase in shares
  • Increase in engagement on posts
  • Increase in Earned Media Value
  • Number of users on the platform and sharing

Here are a few goals you may want to set for your team for increasing brand awareness with a competition on PostBeyond

  • Increase shares
  • Increase engagement on posts
  • Weekly share targets


3. Assign Competition Leaders

In larger teams, having sub-competition leaders helps keep individual champions excited and makes it more real for their day-to-day and team environment. Assigning team leads or especially social members of teams to be the competition “team captains” is a great way to increase accountability.


4. Send Out Updates on Competition Status

Depending on the frequency and length of your competition, it is good form to send out email updates at regular intervals throughout the competition. It would be best if these emails:

  •      Give an update on who (or which team) is in the lead
  •      Remind employees how the competition works
  •      Remind employees of prizes/incentives
  •      Include tips on how to improve their standings 


5. Offer fun and desired prizes

This can vary based on your budget and what is appropriate for your team, but even fun little internal trophies or small gift cards can go a long way. Get creative and think about what might be a fun treat or incentive to offer your team.


6. Give Frequent Recognition

Even if you can’t run a competition, it is vitally important to give consistent and frequent recognition. Do your best to recognize:

  • Top sharers
  • Most improved users
  • Top engagement
  • Top user suggesting content

This can be very informal in an email update sent through the PostBeyond platform. Think of these as “shout outs” to help recognize users who are exemplifying the behavior you’re hoping for.


Best Use Example: Game of Shares

A real estate media company ran a company wide competition based on the popular TV show, Game of Thrones. Each department is divided into a “House” and they battle it out to take the "Throne" each month.

Each department has a coach (usually the team lead) to get the team together and each team has a captain who is responsible for keeping everyone informed and engaged. The challenge changes each month (i.e, most shares, most engagement, most suggested content, etc.)

They also offer individual prizes and team awards to keep people working as a team, but motivated to share individually as well.


Why it works: It’s fun and topical! It’s an easy to follow format for the competition and there are clear lines of communication around who is responsible to rally the team to win the monthly challenge. They also send email updates through PostBeyond throughout the month to update on the status of the teams and who is in the lead. This helps build excitement around the competition and reminds users to log-on and share.

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