Likes & Comments

You can now like and comment on posts directly in the content library through two new icons located in the bottom left corner of the new content card!

How to Like a post 

Click on the heart to like a post, or click on the message bubble to comment on a post.



You have successfully liked a post when the heart icon turns red. To unlike a post, simply select the red heart icon, turning it white again. 




How to Comment on a Post

Comment on a post by selecting the messenger bubble, which enables a drop down field where you can type your comment and select 'Post.'



The comment will then appear and be available for anyone with access to that post to read and reply to.




Edit/Delete a Comment

Feel free to edit or delete your comment. Go over your comment until you reveal a pencil. Selecting this pencil gives you the option to edit the comment or delete it entirely. 




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