Notifications allow you to be notified about different actions that are relevant to posts you are interested in. These notifications can be viewed by selecting the bell icon in the top left corner of the content library. 





When will I get a notification?

You will receive a notification on three different occasions:

  1. When a post you suggest has been approved by an administrator
  2. When your approved post or a post you are subscribed to has been liked
  3. When your approved post or a post you are subscribed to has been commented on


How will I get a notification?

There are three ways you can be notified:

  1. In your content library
  2. By email
  3. By push notification on your mobile device (download the PostBeyond app in the Apple Store or GooglePlay)


How do I subscribe to a post?

You are automatically subscribed to any post you suggest that has been approved, and any post that you comment on. You may manually subscribe or unsubscribe to a post by selecting the three dots on the top right corner of the content card. 




How do I change my notification settings?

You can turn on email notifications for each time you get a notification in the PostBeyond platform. Start by going to your settings.


Scroll down until you find 'Notification Settings' where you can toggle on or off email and mobile notifications for each time a post you suggest gets approved, or each time someone comments or likes a post you are subscribed to.




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