New Content Card - Overview


The new content cards have two main buttons, Queue and Share. This frees up space for the additional functionality of Likes and Comments on content directly in the content library for internal viewing. Users can also view how other users have shared. 

How to Share Immediately 

Share immediately to social media networks by selecting 'Share' at the bottom left of the content card and choose one of the three networks you would like to share to or personalize the post before you share. 




How to Queue 

Queue a post by selecting 'Queue'. Queue directly to social media platforms into scheduled times selected in settings, personalize the post before queueing, or manually queue the post by selecting a specific time and date that might differ from queue settings. 




Like & Comment 

There are two new icons in the bottom left corner of content cards. Click on the heart to like a post, or click on the message bubble to comment on a post.



How to view users who shared, liked and commented on content

Below the link on the content card, there is information that displays who has liked the content, who has commented on in, and who has shared it. 



By selecting the red heart icon or any of the names beside it, you can see a list all the people who have liked a post. You can view who has commented on the content by selecting the message bubble. You can view who shared a piece of content and to which social media platforms by selecting the arrow icon. 

                Like                       Comment                 Shared




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