How to Share on the Mobile App

Due to sudden changes to Facebook & Twitter's policies regarding how things are shared on those networks, we've had to remove the ability to 'Quick Share' posts with the pre-populated content created by administrators. 

Sharing is now performed natively through user's own Facebook and Twitter apps, though the steps to share are still the same (for more information on how this change to sharing affects your usage, check out this help centre article).

There is currently a different sharing flow for Twitter and Facebook than LinkedIn:

How to share to Twitter & Facebook

1. Scroll to post you would like to share and tap 'Share':




2. Select the icon of the social network you would like to share to:




3. Edit the post content:



If you share a post without editing the content, the only thing that will be shared is the link to the post and the image.


4. Tap 'Tweet' or 'Post'




How to share to LinkedIn

1. Scroll to post you would like to share and tap 'Share':




Tap on the pencil to personalize your post:




Personalize the post, then tap 'Done':




Tap on the LinkedIn icon to share to LinkedIn:



Please note that posts don't have to be personalized when sharing to LinkedIn.  We do still recommend personalizing your posts since personalization ensures that posts are genuine and will allow you to come across as an authentic thought leader in your industry. In fact, personalized posts are 63% more likely to be engaged with. 


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