How to Share and Queue on The Mobile App

1. Tap ‘Share’ on the post you would like to share:



2. Swipe to or tap on the icon of the desired social network you would like to share to:



3. Edit the post content and tap ‘Share’:


If you share a post without editing the content, the only thing that will be shared is the link to the post and the image.


4. When tapping ‘Share’, you will have 3 options:

  • Tap ‘Share Now’ to share instantly
  • Tap ‘Auto Queue’ to share at a preselected time slot based on Queued settings


  • Tap ‘Manual Queue’ to share at a later time by manually choosing a date and time



You will know you shared successfully if you see a checkmark (if shared) or clock icon (if queued) above the network icon you shared to when you go back to the post.

                                           Shared                                                                                                        Queued or Scheduled

      Screen_Shot_2018-05-08_at_3.58.55_PM.png                     Screen_Shot_2018-05-08_at_4.08.05_PM.png


How to Share to Other Apps 

1. Swipe to or tap on the icon with 3 dots

2. Edit the post content or use the pre-populated content:



3. Tap ‘iOS Share’:



4. You will be able to share the post link and image directly to other applications such as ‘Message’, ‘Mail', and other external apps:






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