Why Do My Shares Not Show on The Mobile App?

Due to changes to Facebook & Twitter's policies regarding how things are shared on those networks, we had to implement a quick-fix for this issue that lasted for 1 month. To ensure users could continue sharing, our quick-fix solution allowed users to instead natively share directly to Facebook & Twitter. The quick-fix solution caused users to:
1) Not see on a post if it was shared to Facebook or Twitter
2) The shares did not appear on the Timeline
3) The users did not get leaderboard points for these shares. 

However, we have released a long term update that has fixed all of the sharing issues. This means, your shares will now show and be counted on the mobile app again!
You can see how to use this new update in this step by step article - How to Share and Queue on The Mobile App 

Please note, the shares accumulated during that 1 month period in which the quick-fix update was implemented will remain uncounted. 


If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at support@postbeyond.com


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