Content Sorting and Filtering

PostBeyond now allows users to sort and filter their content based on how users have interacted with that content and based on performance of the content when shared. 





The filters and sorting options are available to adjust above the content library




You can now filter content to see only posts that have not yet been shared by you. 




You can also sort content by oldest or by best performing




Best performing content is the content that has the best ratio of external interactions per share. So if a post was shared 20 times and had 100 interactions (5:1 ratio) it would appear higher than a post that was shared 50 times and received 150 interactions (3:1 ratio). Featured posts will still appear at the top, but will be sorted in the selected order as well. 


The Category filter has also moved and you can easily select which category you would like to filter by from this same menu. 





Your filtering and sorting adjustments, as well as your choice of category, will be saved so that if you navigate away from the content library, your sorting and filtering options will not change for next time you log in. 

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