Facebook Sharing Changes

Due to recent changes in the way that Facebook allows 3rd party apps, such as PostBeyond, to share to users personal timelines and business pages, we've had to make some changes in to the sharing flow to Facebook. 

What this means is that when sharing to a Facebook Personal or Business page from PostBeyond, a standard Facebook pop up will appear. 




Sharing to Facebook from your iPhone or Android apps will be done natively through the Facebook app. When you tap 'Share', a Facebook sharing form will open up and sharing will be done to the account you are logged into on your mobile device. 




You can now include any standard marketing message lead-in text and you can now tag individuals on Facebook posts.




You are also now able to share to their Facebook Business pages again from the Desktop only.




You no longer need to link your Facebook pages to PostBeyond.




Please note that you will no longer be able to queue or schedule posts to Facebook



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