Your Leaderboard is a great way to get users motivated to share posts. It creates competition between users and can be used for running competitions. 




You can see the top five users on your Leaderboard from the Administrator dashboard. 



If you'd like to see your whole Leaderboard, you can do that from the 'User Analytics' section of the platform.



If you'd like to change the way your Leaderboard is calculated, you can do that from the 'Leaderboard' tab in your Administrator settings.



*Note: It is recommended to have the Leaderboard reset before any changes are made to the Leaderboard settings. Any changes made to the leaderboard calculation will change the scores retroactively for everyone from the last time you reset your Leaderboard. If you'd like your Leaderboard reset contact your Customer Success Manager or get in touch with our support team at support@postbeyond.com


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