Single Sign-on (SSO) Through SAML

If you would like to have users sign-in through the systems you already employ, you can do that by setting-up SSO through SAML. 

Quick Overview:

  • Administrator’s IT team completes the SSO requirements and sends them to PostBeyond
  • PostBeyond makes required updates
  • Testing is done on both ends to ensure it is properly set up
  • Users log in using the same username and password they would to any other application they use this system for


  • User does not have to remember multiple passwords as this leverages their existing work logins
  • Can be connected with Active Directory (AD) so Administrator doesn’t have to worry if user a is terminated


  • Can take longer to set up if the IT team is not prepared ahead of time
  • Users are not grouped accordingly unless the groups match those in the Active Directory or the same list is Preloaded in advance to PostBeyond


In order to set-up SAML SSO, contact your CSM with the list of approved domains. 


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