New Feature: Shareable Link on Desktop

This feature allows users to create a “Shareable Link” for specific posts within the PostBeyond platform. 

What value does having a shareable link have? 

Speed: You can quickly source content from the PostBeyond library and post the “Shareable Link” to any channel of your choosing.

Targeted Delivery: By creating a “Shareable Link”, you are able to deliver a piece of content to one person or a specific group of people, not just broadcast to your entire social network. If you would like to share a piece of content via email, or to a network that is not currently available to be shared on directly from PostBeyond, you can do so by creating a shareable link to that post. 


How to Use the Shareable Link Feature:

1. Find the post you would like to share and click 'Share'.


2. Click the Get Shareable Link icon.




A shortened link to that post will then appear.


3. Click on the link to copy it to your clipboard.




You can then paste a link to that post in any communication you choose. 


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