LinkedIn Data

LinkedIn's recent API change will not impact how your team is able to share. Users will be able to share and queue to LinkedIn personal pages as they always do. 

However, PostBeyond is no longer able to track LinkedIn likes, comments and potential reach. This will impact all technologies that share to LinkedIn as these counts will not be provided in their new APIs. It is a decision made by LinkedIn and is outside of PostBeyond's control. 

Because of this change, Leaderboard and Earned Media Value calculations will not include counts on Likes and Comments for posts shared to LinkedIn. 

Due to challenges with potential reach data from LinkedIn, PostBeyond will now preset the average potential reach per LinkedIn user based on your historical data. However, we have also added the ability to customize this number directly in the admin dashboard if you are aware of your team’s average number of LinkedIn connections. This will provide the most accurate number since you have the opportunity to set it above 500. You can set the number by going to Admin view, and clicking Settings, and then Company.


This number, which can be adjusted at any time, will be used to estimate how many people will be able to see a post each time it is shared. 

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