How to Export the List of Users Who Have Shared Content

Step 1. Select 'Analytics,' and then 'Users.'




Step 2. From the top right corner, choose the time period, during which you wish to see all users who have shared content. 

In this image the selected time period May 1st until May 31st.



Step 3. Sort the users based on the number of shares.

You can do this by clicking on 'Shares' and you will see that an arrow appears next to the heading of the column. 

Make sure that you have your whole team captured within the page count. The default is 20, max is 100. If the team exceeds 100, you have to export another CSV file for the next page. 



Step 4. Select 'Export' to download a CSV file with the list of users.




Step 5. Open the CSV file in the computer and delete all users from the list who have not shared content. 



Now you have a list of users who have shared content. You can use this list to recognize users who have shared content at a given time, use the CSV file for further data analysis or see who are the new users that have started to share content. 



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