How to Edit a Group

Once you have created a group there are a number of changes you can make to it, including editing the group name, deleting the group, and adding or removing users. 


Editing Group Information: You can find the groups you have created on the left hand side of your Users page. 




When you hover over a group name a pencil will appear.



Selecting the Pencil allows you to edit the group information.




If you would like to rename your group, simply type in the new group name and select the check mark. To cancel, select the 'X'.


If you click Groups under Team, you will be able to see all groups and the child groups under them.




Clicking on the button on the right will give you a few options. Screen_Shot_2019-04-08_at_4.50.34_PM.png



Clicking on Create New Group will let you create a group anywhere in the hierarchy. 




You can only delete a group after you have removed all users and archived all posts under it.

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