Dashboard: An Overview

Check out your Dashboard for an overview of how your posts and users are doing on the platform.

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The Dashboard is the first screen you will see as an Administrator when you log in to your PostBeyond account. It provides an overview of how your posts and users are doing. Here are the different metrics you can find on this page.

Time Period

Here you can select what period of time you want the dashboard to reflect. The default times are 7, 14, and 30 days. However, you can customize the period you want reflected by clicking 'Custom'.


This indicates the total number of shares across all social networks from all of your users.

Shared Posts

This is the percentage of published posts that have been shared at least once by users.

Top Five Posts 

Here you will find the posts that have been shared the most times by your users.

User Engagement 

This shows the percentage of users who have suggested posts, shared posts, and are viewing posts during the designated time period.


Here you will find the top five users on your leaderboard.


This number denotes the total number of clicks, likes, re-shares, and comments on posts shared by your users.

Earned Media Value (EMV)

This shows the calculated Earned Media Value from posts shared during the designated time period.

Interactions Breakdown

Here you will find a breakdown of all of the interactions with posts shared by your users in the designated time period.

Breakdown by Social Network

This chart shows the breakdown of interactions by social network.

Interactions Map

This map shows the geographical breakdown of interactions with content shared. The darker blue indicates a higher interaction rate while the lighter blue indicates a lower one.


Here you can export the information on your Dashboard as a PDF file.

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