How to Create a New Post Using a Content Feed

Learn how to create a new post using a content feed in your Inbox.

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When you have set up your content feed in your Inbox, you are able to easily create new posts for the content library.

Step 1: Select the content feed you would like to use to import posts

Step 2: Select the post you would like to import

Step 3: Fill in the details for your post

Similarly to creating a new post manually, you will have to add/confirm several details before creating a post from Inbox. This includes creating a title, choosing a photo, choosing topics, and selecting groups. You can also mention accounts in your caption by using @. You can tag any account on Twitter and company accounts on LinkedIn!

For more information on what groups can see which content, click here.

Step 4: Select 'Looks Good! Create Posts.'

After you save the post, it will be imported to your Content Library.

Filling in the start and end date of the post are optional. Use this option for posts that should only be available in the Content Library for a specific period of time.

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