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This is an opportunity for users to leverage their authentic voice on social media platforms to help drive conversations and sales. Today's customer and prospect can feel the difference between an ad, personal recommendation, and an ad masked as a personal recommendation. For social selling to work, authenticity and credibility are key.

The Stats

  • 74% of customers cited relying on social media to make purchasing decisions (Source: Social Media Today)

  • 1 in 4 sales reps reported that social media advocacy shortened their sales cycle (Source: Hinge Marketing)

  • 80% of buyers say they choose the sales rep that was first to add value and insight (Source: Nielson)

  • 91% of customers want brands (and by extension sales reps) they follow to be authentic in their social media posts (Source: Bonfire Marketing)

Best Practices

  • Ask questions, don't just make statements

  • Pull out your favorite quote or stat in the article/piece of content

  • Summarize the most valuable take-away from the article/piece of content in a sentence

  • Keep it short and sweet

  • Add your opinion in a positive way

  • Write like you're talking to a friend!

  • Keep in mind the network you are sharing to (ex: using Hashtags when posting to Twitter)


  • Saying anything negative about the company/product

  • Responding to negative comments about the company/product

  • Sharing confidential information about the company, customers, or financials

Example - Twitter

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