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How To Personalize a Post

Here is how you can personalize the wording of the post.

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Personalizing a post allows you to give your own voice to content that you share to your social networks. You can personalize posts differently for each network that you would like to share them on. Any edits you make will appear when you share the post to your networks but will not affect the content cards in your library.

Personalization ensures that posts are genuine and will allow you to come across as an authentic thought leader in your industry. In fact, personalized posts are 63% more likely to be engaged with.

Here is how you can personalize the wording of the post.

Step 1: Click on the network you would like to queue or share to

If you do not see any network icons at all, it may be because the content creator has made this post visible by internal employees only and sharing is disabled.

Step 2: Edit the post in the text box

You can edit the post differently for each network you would like to share the post to.

Any edits you make will only appear on the post that you share or queue. Your edits will not affect the original post or that of other users at your organization.

Add a thought, question, or comment for your network to engage with!

NOTE: sometimes you may notice a Mandatory Hashtag in a post (as highlighted in red below).

Step 3: Share the post immediately by clicking 'Share' or queue it to be shared later by clicking 'Add to Queue.'

Any edits you've made will only affect what you share immediately or what you queue.

If you close the editing pop-up screen before you have shared or queued, you will lose whatever changes you have made.

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