Ever wonder how your Leaderboard score is calculated? This article will help you understand just that!

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Where to View Leaderboard Point Calculations

You can check exactly how you are accumulating points and how much by clicking on the "How are my points calculated?" button in the leaderboard.

You'll see the breakdown of how much each action is worth on the platform.

How Leaderboard Point are Assigned

The PostBeyond Admin for your instance sets values to every type of engagement/impression available on all social media platforms.

NOTE: For more information on the how points are allocated in your program, contact your program administrator.

Variables in Leaderboard Calculation

The Leaderboard score is tallied by the points your admin has allocated to engagements/impressions (shares, likes, click throughs, etc). You can also get points for suggesting content!

If you notice your Facebook sharing and interaction data is not correct, it may be because we are not capturing the interactions correctly on your account. 

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