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How to Create, Save Drafts, Schedule and Send a Newsletter
How to Create, Save Drafts, Schedule and Send a Newsletter

Learn how to create, save drafts, schedule, and send newsletters

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Newsletters are a great way to inform your team about the latest news, highlight top performing content, and recognize top performing users on the platform.

In this article we will go over:

Navigation & How to create a Newsletter

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Newsletters' section of your platform

Step 2: Click 'Create'

Step 3: Select groups

If you want to send the email to all users, you must select all the groups in the list and not just 'All.' You can do this by clicking on 'Select all Groups.'

Step 4: Write the newsletter

You can create a newsletter that fits your brand, group, team, event, etc. Create your custom newsletter by adding:

  • From (who is this email coming from?)

  • Reply To (who do you want the email to come from and who should receive any user replies?)

  • Subject (why is this email important to read?)

  • Newsletter Header Image (Maybe there is a logo to represent your team or the content - highlight it here with an image. Note: The image must be 600x100).

  • Body (create that custom message that really engages your readers)

Add Gifs

NOTE: the image or gif has to be hosted somewhere. When you're typing a newsletter, you click on that icon, paste the link of the image or GIF and it'll appear:

Option: Add articles

The table on the left side will show you the number of posts that each group you have selected will be able to see depending on the posts that are available to them.

Make sure that the posts selected are available to the groups selected. Users who cannot see any selected post will not receive the newsletter.

Preview Newsletter

To review the newsletter drafted, click preview.

Save As Draft

Save a draft of the newsletter and send for another time!

When you save as draft, the newsletter will be found on the first page, similar to where you would find newsletters that have been sent out.

There you will have the option to Schedule a release day/time, Edit the newsletter or Delete the newsletter


Send a newsletter when it's the right time!

Set a day and time to send the newsletter:

The newsletter will appear on the newsletter home page, with a calendar icon indicating that the email will be sent out for a later date:

Please note, during higher volumes of activity on our platform, there may be delays of up to an hour for when a scheduled newsletter is sent.

Cloning Newsletters

If you want to clone an existing newsletter that has been sent. Navigate to the Newsletter page from the admin panel, and find an existing post that you'd like to copy.

From the dropdown, click 'Clone'

Send Newsletter & Header Image Specifications

When you are ready to send the email, click Send now.

To view how many users have received, opened, and clicked on the links in the newsletter, you can view newsletter analytics.

To read more about sending newsletters to the right groups, click here.

Newsletter Header Image

This image will by default, be the horizontal company logo from the branding settings page. If there is another logo that you would like to replace the header image with, you can replace it here.

  • For best results, we commend 400 pixels by 100 pixels

  • Acceptable ratios between 4:1 to 6:1

  • All newsletter header images are automatically resized to 50 pixels in height

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