What is the Leaderboard Score?

Learn what the Leaderboard score is and how to find and change the Leaderboard score.

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Leaderboard score is a useful tool for Admins to keep track of their team's progress.ย 


In this article you will learn:

Where to Find Leaderboard Analytics

To review scores from your Leaderboard, navigate to the 'Analytics' > 'Users' page:

How are Leaderboard & PBI scores calculated?

The PBI score and the Leaderboard score are both calculated in the same way. The PBI score is shown for a certain time period but the Leaderboard restarts at zero every time the Leaderboard is reset (see How to Edit the Leaderboard on resetting your leaderboard scores).

Certain users can also be taken out of the leaderboard. In that case, their leaderboard score is 0.

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