Alternate Way of Creating a Custom Shortened URL

Learn an alternative method to create a custom shortened URL using CNAME.

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You can find a detailed explanations of shortened URLs/ CNAMEs in this article. This article will showcase an alternate way of creating custom shortened URLs. 


  1. Determine the name of your custom shortened URL. For the sake of this example, we will use

  2. In your DNS records, create an A record pointing to the server that will perform the URL redirect. For example, we show creating such a record in AWS Route 53 below. Your DNS management console may differ.

Note: This is best completed by someone from your IT team. Please ensure to have someone present and/or available for completing the below process.

  • Go to Route 53

  • Selected Hosted Zones

  • Select the desired Domain Name (e.g.

  • Choose "Create Record Set"

  • Fill in the details for the A record as shown below (in the Value field enter your redirect server's ip address)

3. On your server, perform a 301 redirect from your domain e.g. to (in the below example we are using Kinsta to perform the redirect. If you are using Apache as proxy then you will need to modify the :htaccess). 

Performing the above step will redirect to . 

NOTE: If you are using this method, please note that any failures on your server will cause the redirect to fail.

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