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Team Leaderboards: An Overview for Admins

Learn all about Team Leaderboards. What are Team Leaderboards?

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What are Team Leaderboards?

Team Leaderboards allow Admins to create and run multiple Leaderboards at the same time.

Team Leaderboards can be created for a variety of purposes and groups such as:

  • Region ( East, West, North, etc.)

  • Department (Sales, Marketing, HR)

  • Engagement/Impression Type (Share, Likes, Reshares, etc.)

  • Monthly Contests (see: Contest Best Practices for more ideas on how to create contests for your team)

  • And much more!

How to Utilize your Team Leaderboards

Team leaderboards can be a great tool for contests and for establishing habits. 

In running a contest, you can assign point values according to the specific goal of the contest. For example, if the contest focuses on getting Likes, you can assign a higher value on Likes compared to Clickthroughs and Reshares. 

If you are looking to reward users for forming a habit of sharing regularly, you can assign the points accordingly.

With Team Leaderboards, you can keep track of multiple behaviours at once by having a specific Leaderboard dedicated to measuring a specific action (or a combination of behaviours that you want to target). 

For more information on Contest Best Practices, you can take a look at this article

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