Where Can I Find Data on Leaderboards?

Learn where you can find data on Leaderboards.

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Where can you find Data on Leaderboards?

Find the top five users on your leaderboard on the main Dashboard page. 

Go to the Analytics tab, then click on Users. In the User Analytics, review overall Leaderboard and PBI scores.

The PBI score and the Leaderboard score are both calculated in the same way. by tallying the points from the different variable (likes, shares, social media platform, etc) set by the Admin. However, the PBI score is shown for a certain time period but the Leaderboard score is reset every time the Leaderboard is reset.


Go to the Leaderboard tab.

Find the Leaderboard you're interested in and click on View.

Check out the points your users have accumulated in this Leaderboard.

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