How to Share Posts to Instagram

Learn how to share posts from PostBeyond on Instagram.

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You can share from Instagram from the PostBeyond mobile app! If you choose to share to Instagram, you will be taken through a flow (iOS or Android) from PostBeyond that is different than the other social platforms (like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook).

Copying Caption from PostBeyond

One thing to note is that the caption in PostBeyond does not get auto-pasted to your Instagram post or story. This is because captions can contain a lot of text that the user may not want to use - especially in a story!

That said, it is available for use and the caption is auto copied when you choose to share to Instagram. Therefore, you can apply the same caption if you choose to by simply clicking 'Paste' as you would normally on your mobile device.

Sharing Flow

Whether you are sharing via an iOS device or an Android device, the sharing flow involves navigating out of the PostBeyond app to the Instagram app to complete the share. The specific flow for iOS and Android devices can be seen here: iOS, Android.

Photo Resizing & Repositioning

You have autonomy over the ratio of the photo you choose to share, as you normally would in instagram by expanding the image, adding a filter, changing the contrast, etc.

Whether you are posting an image to your feed:

Or sharing to your story:

The user can create a custom experience for their social network.

EMOJIs & Other actions

When sharing to Instagram, please remember that you always have the ability to use all of the functions available, even EMOJIs, GIFs, etc. The choice is yours!

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