How to Find/Create an RSS Feed

Learn what an RSS feed should look like and how to find them for a page.

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In this article, we will go over how to source an RSS feed for a page and how they should look.

What Does an RSS Feed Look Like?

RSS feed URLs will usually contain an identifier of 'rss' or 'feed' of some sort in the URL itself.


If you are looking at a URL and it does not have one of these words in it - it's probably not an RSS feed. BUT that's OK! You can still find it for that URL.

How to Find the RSS Feed

On a website page, you can find the feed by right-clicking the page and selecting 'View Page Source':

This will open up to a page of code:

To find the RSS feed, Ctrl+F (Windows, Linux) or command+F (Mac) and type in feed or RSS:

ThE URL that you find will be the feed. Please create your RSS feed in your Inbox with this URL.

Should you not be able to find this, please speak with the developers of the website, if it is a company page. They will be able to help you source this information.

Once you have your RSS feed URL, you can add it as a content feed in your Inbox.

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