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What is the PostBeyond User Removal Notification?

The PostBeyond User Removal Notification is an email sent to the program admin after a user deletes them self from PostBeyond.

Why does this happen?

Prior to January 2021, PostBeyond would delete all data pertaining to a user who actioned their account to be deleted within the platform.

In order to remain GDPR compliant, PostBeyond is taking the extra step to ensure that ALL of the user's data is completely deleted - which includes data stored in external databases and files, such as the user's company.

What actions does a program admin need to take after receiving this notification?

There are 2 actions the admin will need to complete:

  1. Removing PostBeyond data of the user in company files or databases like APIs.

  2. Deleting the user from PostBeyond Platform.

The below email will be sent to the program administrator when a user requests deletion. Click the 'Delete User' button in the email to confirm the erasure of the user's personal data. If the action is not completed within 21 days, a follow up email will be sent.

Removing PostBeyond data of the user in company files or databases like APIs

As the program admin, you will need to ensure that the user's PostBeyond data is removed from any company files or databases.

Some examples of the type of data that you may want to review include: reports downloaded from PostBeyond, reports sent by CSMs, any custom integrations.

We recommend speaking with your company's legal team. This is something you may not have to complete.

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