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How to Set-up Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Feeds in Inbox
How to Set-up Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Feeds in Inbox

Learn how to set-up Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Feeds in Inbox.

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As mentioned in Inbox: An Overview, the Inbox allows you to import content from outside feeds directly to your PostBeyond platform. You can directly import from a variety of content feeds such as Twitter accounts and hashtags, YouTube channels, Instagram hashtags, Facebook pages, and RSS feeds.

In this article, we will go over:

How to Set-Up a Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Feeds

For Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, you will need to make sure that accounts are linked.

Step 1: Navigate to the Admin panel > Inbox > Inbox Settings

Step 2: Click on the account that you would like to link.

Important to note:

  • Please make sure that the account has a business page and that you have admin access to the account that you want to pull from or it will not work

  • You can link multiple accounts. Click 'Link' for as many accounts as you would like connected.

  • For Instagram, it will take you to the Facebook Business page that is associated with the account

To create a feed from Instagram Hashtags that are public feeds, you will need to complete a second step of linking your Instagram account again in the section below:

You can always change the account:

Step 3: Create Feed (or Unlink Account)

Click 'Create Feed'...

A notification will pop-up that a feed has been created and that the button will turn into a 'Remove Feed' option that is greyed out.

If you go back to the Inbox main page, you will notice that the feeds are now available in your list.

What to Expect When a Feed is Set-Up?


  • When you add the feed it will pull in the last 30 days


  • Currently, there is no way for us to determine the source of content that is pulled into the inbox feed for Instagram. This is a limitation with the Instagram API for 3rd party apps. That said, if you search the hashtag on Instagram, the same posts will surface and you will be able to see who shared that post.

  • When a feed is set up for the first time the window available for PostBeyond to pull in older content is only ~24hrs

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