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Why does/doesn't the URL appear in the LinkedIn Post?
Why does/doesn't the URL appear in the LinkedIn Post?
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What a Shared Post Looks like on LinkedIn

Why do some shared posts to LinkedIn display a URL while others do not?

Typically, a URL should not display in a shared post on LinkedIn, unless the URL is sandwiched between copy (ie. caption + URL + hashtag).

If a user types *anything* into the share modal before sharing a post in PostBeyond, PostBeyond will *append* the URL of the post to the end of the caption (even after the hashtag).

Furthermore, if the caption is set-up by the admin/content creator to be in the middle of the caption and a user does not edit this post, a URL will appear in the shared post on LinkedIn.

Below we breakdown the above information...

βœ… URL displayed in the shared post

  • The shared caption has the URL inside the caption

  • This can *only* happen on an unedited caption where the is a URL inside the caption

Admin Post Creation (URL is inside the caption)

User View Before Share (unedited)

If the user were to edit this caption, we would append the URL to the end of the caption, but if the user does not edit the caption, it remains in between the caption how the admin/content creator created the post.

Shared Outcome on LinkedIn

❌ URL does NOT appear in the shared post

  • The shared caption ends with the URL (every other scenario)

Admin Post Creation (URL is last)

User View Before Share

This can be edited or not, the URL will come last as this is how it was set-up.

Shared Outcome on LinkedIn

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